The Alliance for a Stronger FDA applauds Congressional action in proposing a $107 million increase over FY 2010 funding levels for the FDA. Catalyst President Nancy Bradish Myers, who also serves as President of the Alliance, said that “Congress heard our message that a robust well-funded FDA is essential for patients, consumers and industry.”

Alliance press release: “FDA Preserved, Strengthened Under Final FY 11 Continuing Resolution”

Select press coverage of Alliance efforts related to the FDA budget, including Ms. Myers’ comments:

Food Safety News – April 13, 2011: “Federal Food Safety Agencies Spared Major Cuts”

The Hill Blog – April 12, 2011Overnight Health: What Will Obama Do About Medicare, Medicaid?”

Inside Health Policy: Daily News – April 12, 2011 “Congress Deems FDA An Exception To Cost Cuts, Boosts Agency Funds” (subscription required)

BIOtech Now – April 11, 2011 Article by Ms. Myers: “FDA: A Cornerstone of America’s Economic Future”