As the Trump transition team forms its plans for taking the reins in January, Catalyst applauds FasterCures for issuing a set of recommendations intended to inform the new Administration’s approach to biomedical research and FDA.

As one of 150 thought leaders interviewed for the group’s “Rx for Innovation” report, I’m happy to see the recommendations related to augmenting FDA resources, expanding the agency’s patient engagement efforts, and ensuring timely reauthorization of PDUFA and MDFUA.

The report also includes recommendations in several other areas that are critical to drug development, such as translational research and health IT interoperability.

We believe that in a transition it is critical to be supportive of the great strides that the Agency has made over the past several years and to encourage forward-thinking regulators who can anticipate the disruptive innovations of the future. It is critical that FDA remain scientifically independent and well-funded through appropriations.