STAT+ May 11, 2023

Catalyst CEO and Founder Nancy Bradish Myers provided her perspective on FDA hybrid/telework policies and the impact of any potential changes in the future. With over 2,000 vacancies at the agency, a hiring push is under way, particularly given new funding provided under PDUFA VII for hiring in certain areas. The article highlights the positive impact the hybrid work environment has had on FDA morale in recent years, but that there is a House-led effort to require federal workers to return to in-person, pre-COVID work arrangements (and the Administration would like to see employees work in person more often).  While the article cites a 2021 survey of FDA’s Centers showing that over a quarter of those staff would consider leaving the agency if they were permitted to work from home more often elsewhere, it also noted Ms. Myers’ view that “returning to the office may help the careers of young scientists who need mentorship that is difficult to provide over Zoom.”

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