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Vice President, Communications and Research

Anne McNickle, Vice President, Communications and Research at Catalyst Healthcare Consulting, Inc., specializes in regulatory strategy and communications.

Ms. McNickle brings a wealth of knowledge in regulatory strategy and health policy, with over 25 years of experience.

She leads Catalyst’s signature due diligence, competitive analysis and regulatory environmental assessments.

In this role, she ensures that Catalyst brings creative approaches to analyzing complex issues and answering the tough questions for clients. She develops the actionable intelligence and in-depth analyses that inform client strategies.

At Amgen, she provided strategic advice to the business units on the impact of changes in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance; over the course of six years at the company, she also served on the media relations team as an official corporate spokesperson. In this role, she was responsible for strategic communications supporting collaborations, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate initiatives. She has also provided strategic advice to biopharma clients at consulting firms Avalere and Parexel.

Ms. McNickle began her career in health care journalism, at F-D-C Reports (Chevy Chase, MD), focusing on the interaction between the biopharma industry and the federal government, including FDA, CMS, NIH and Congress. Over the course of eight years, she managed teams of reporters and held a range of editorial positions. Highlights include covering Capitol Hill for The Pink Sheet and serving as Managing Editor of Health News Daily.

She received her BA from the College of William and Mary.



Vice President,
Communications and Research

About Anne

She received her BA from the College of William and Mary.

Ms. McNickle has spent her career digging into complex regulatory and health policy issues, finding answers, and conveying them clearly and concisely in order to inform decision making. Her work ensures Catalyst’s advice to clients is well-grounded in high-quality research. She brings biopharma industry experience from Amgen, policy and reimbursement consulting experience from several DC-area firms, and reporting and editing experience from The Pink Sheet and Health News Daily.