Catalyst President and Alliance for a Stronger FDA President Nancy Bradish Myers highlights the Alliance’s successes over the past year and previews some of the likely future challenges for FDA funding in a new report. Ms. Myers’ 2011 annual report, released Jan. 5, notes the group succeeded in its core mission to increase FDA funding and engaged in new advocacy activities that strengthened the political foundation supporting FDA appropriations.

Over the last five years, FDA has been one of few discretionary federal programs to receive substantial funding increases, Ms. Myers notes. Moving into 2012, however, the agency will face significant budgetary and political challenges related to both the overall budget environment and to FDA’s growing responsibilities (including potential new statutory mandates that could be included in user fee reauthorization legislation).

“FDA still needs more resources, even though the downward budgetary pressures have become significantly greater,” she concludes in the report.

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