On April 23, Catalyst Healthcare Consulting President Nancy Bradish Myers presented the 2014 Wiley Award to CDER Deputy Director for Clinical Science Bob Temple, MD.

Ms. Myers presented the award during the Food and Drug Law Institute’s (FDLI) 57th annual conference in Washington, DC, in her role as Chair of the Board of the FDA Alumni Association (FDAAA).

“Dr. Temple is an FDA institution. He is THE authority when it comes to designing and conducting clinical trials,” Ms. Myers said, noting he has served in many very influential roles during his 42-year (and counting) career at the agency.

“Bob is a man with a great sense of humor and purpose, a lover of data diving and rolling up his sleeves to really understand the data presented to him, and one of the most thoughtful debaters at White Oak,” she said. “I’m honored to present this award to him on behalf of the FDA Alumni Association.”

The Dr. Harvey Wiley Lectureship is the Association’s most prestigious external award; it’s named in honor of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, the renowned physician-chemist who, at the turn of the 20th century, championed a legislative crusade against food adulteration, earning him the title of “Father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act” when it was enacted into law in 1906.

The recipient must be someone who: has promoted public understanding of FDA’s mission; provides intellectually stimulating perspectives on the public health roles of FDA; and considers innovative ways in which FDAAA members can impact the agency’s mission.