Business Manager & Research Assistant

Ms. Hanlon, Business Manager & Research Assistant at Catalyst Healthcare Consulting, Inc., brings an extensive background in business administration. For ten years, she worked as Senior Administrative Assistant at Eli Lilly and Company in the US Regulatory Division, and prior to that she worked for the President of NABI Biomedical Research.

She also served as Executive Assistant to the SVP of Strategic Marketing at Phillips Publishing Company, and for 25 years as VP and Secretary of Hanlon Construction, Inc.

Ms. Hanlon received her Associates Arts Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University in Washington, DC.



Business Manager & Research Assistant

About Ginny

For 15 years, Ms. Hanlon ran Regulatory Affairs offices for large pharma companies, aggregating complex regulatory information and effectively distributing regulatory intelligence across divisions in concise, user-friendly formats. She is Catalyst’s early warning system; when things are happening and issues are developing quickly, she captures and conveys the information through efficient, actionable tools. Ms. Hanlon has served as Executive Assistant to SVP and Presidential-level executives throughout her career.