Senior Director, Communications and Research

Taryn Serman, PhD, Senior Director of Communications and Research, is a trained molecular biologist and science communication specialist. She has a passion for distilling complex scientific topics into digestible, creative, and comprehensive content. Her scientific expertise includes cell & gene therapies, biotechnology, and infectious diseases.
Dr. Serman’s writing portfolio includes first-author research publications in top scientific journals, highly cited review articles summarizing key studies in host-pathogen interactions, and diverse marketing content developed for use by biopharma companies. Her experience in scientific storytelling has allowed for seamless communication across a variety of audiences, from the highly technical research community to the general public.

Taryn Serman, PhD, Scientific Communications Lead

Taryn Serman, PhD

Senior Director, Communications and Research

About Taryn

She holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Chicago and received her BS and Professional Science Master (PSM) degree in Biotechnology from Penn State University.